Outside of research I go climbing! Climbing has taken me all over the US and the world: to the Alps, the Italian Dolomites, Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, Red Rock in Nevada, Squamish in Canada, Joshua Tree and Yosemite in California, and the unbelievable roofs of the Gunks in New York. A lot of my climbing has been with my partner Allison Ong. Check out some selfies!


Current Project:

Readout or representation?

with Justin Gardner

Attention is our name for the neural mechanism that controls what information is allowed into consciousness and what is filtered out. I am studying how neural representations and readout mechanisms change during directed attention.


Past Project:

The point of no return

with Matthias-Schultze Kraft, John-Dylan Haynes, and others

Long before it feels like we make a decision our brain starts acting. But when do we become committed to an action?


Research and Education

Stanford University

PhD Student

BCCN - Berlin


Cornell University

BA Neurobiology